One Steel Industry

Our main focus is to provide a Maximum Satisfaction to Customers!

One Steel Industry (M) Sdn. Bhd. (“One Steel Industry”) (Co. Reg. No. 200201002241 (569904-T)) is a Limited Partnership Company which was Incorporated in Malaysia in 2010. Our main focus is to provide a Maximum Satisfaction to Customers as well as giving full support by providing Engineering Business Activities, in the field of Fabrication, Manufacturing, Supply, Construction, Technical Support, Maintenance and Project Management.

With a Group of Energetic, Enthusiast Professionals’ Exposure and our past experiences, we are confident that we will be able to meet the requirement, base on our Quality of works and High Knowledge, we can ensure to secure any Tasks or Projects given to us. We have vast experience in Recruiting and Managing Professionals and Skilled Workers to several projects in Malaysia and Abroad. We satisfied our Customer Needs and Requirements to the Fullest on an Exceptionally High Standard Work Ethics.

One Steel Industry (M) Sdn. Bhd. Is a local organization, well supported by Highly Competent Key Management Personnel (inclusive Blue and White collar Profession). The Company does Progressively and Aggressively attain its Targeted Objectives, I.E. Undertake both Engineering Contractual Lump Sum works and Offering Manpower Requirements, and yet as of today, we are also in the Ready Position for the Next Challenge.

Our Mission Statement

Exceed Clients’ Requirements on Quality, Competitiveness and Deliverability. Achieve World Class Environmental and Safety Consciousness. Strengthen Organizational Infrastructure and Develop Human Capital Enhance Collaboration and Development of Strategic Alliances.

One Steel Industry is an Industrial and Renewable Energy Fabrication, Manufacturing, Engineering, Support and Maintenance company Utilizing:

  • Waste to Energy / Biomass Gassification Technology
  • Multi-Fuel Boiler (Biomass) Technology
  • Bio-Diesel Pre-Treatment Technology
  • Solar Turbine and Hydro Power Technology
  • Roll-Forming of Steel Products Technology
  • Subsea Robotic & Control System

One Steel Industry has the Know-How and Expertise in following areas:

  • Procurement
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Installation of Heavy Equipments and Buildings

One Steel Industry has the Key Expertise in the following areas:

  • Integrated Work Over Control System (IWOCS) Solution
  • Industrial Safety & Risks Management, and Consultancy
  • Equipment Services – Pressure Testing, Tubing Services, Hydraulics Parts, ROVs, Fabrication Engineering (Marine, Subsea, Boilers, Steel Structures, Piping, etc.)

One Steel Industry Quality Philosophy

We Strive To Provide Products And Services, Which Satisfy Customer Requirement Through:-

Cost Competitive

On-Time Delivery

After Sales Service

Uncompromising Commitment On QMS

For Continuous Improvements

Occupational Safety & Health Policy

It Is Recognized That The Health, Safety And Welfare Of Employees Are Of Paramount Importance To The Company. Management Will Be Responsible For Taking All Reasonable And Practicable Actions To Achieve And Maintain A Standard Which Safeguard The Health, Safety And Welfare Of All Employees While Complying With All Statutory Requirements And Relevant Malaysia Standards. The Company’s Drive For The Higher Productivity And Profits Shall Not Compromise Our Responsibility For Safety.